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Student Programs

Striving to invest in the next generation, VASSP provides opportunities for students to become innovative and resilient problem solvers ready to tackle the challenges of a democratic society. VASSP proudly administers two outstanding student leadership programs – Virginia Student Councils Association and Virginia Association of Honor Societies.

Virginia Student Councils Association ( provides learning experiences in leadership and opportunities to practice the citizenship skills necessary for effective participation in our democratic society. VSCA encourages the formation, development, and expansion of student councils in all schools (K-12) in Virginia to provide leadership learning opportunities for all students.

The core goals of the Virginia Student Councils Association are to:

  • instill American ideals, including the development of leadership and citizenship, among the youth of today;
  • foster student leadership in a democratic environment;
  • assist all student councils in becoming more effective organizations within their school, community, state and nation;
  • promote student participation within the school and its community; and
  • assist student councils and their leadership in focusing on relevant current problems that affect them and encouraging them to seek solutions to those problems.

Virginia Association of Honor Societies provides a statewide forum for schools with National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society chapters. The VAHS recognizes and encourages academic achievement while developing other characteristics essential to productive citizens in society, and gives the needed support and resources that are essential in helping these co-curricular organizations thrive in their schools as examples of their ideals of leadership, scholarship, service, and character.

The core goals of the VAHS are to:

  • create enthusiasm for scholarship
  • stimulate a desire to render service; and
  • develop character in the students of middle level and high schools in Virginia.

VSCA and VAHS sponsor several training activities statewide throughout the year to promote the ideals of leadership, democracy scholarship, service, and character in our student leaders. VSCA and VAHS give both students and advisors the opportunity for training, networking, and social interaction that strengthen their abilities and confidence as advisors and student leaders.