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Questionnaire for VASSP


To help us serve you better, please

take a moment and complete the following questionnaire. Your valuable input is

very much appreciated. Thank you for your cooperation!

You may contact Bet

Neale at


Please provide the following contact information:

First Name  


Last Name  






Street Address  


Address (cont.)  








School District  


Work Phone  




Q1: What additional legislative

services would you like to see VASSP offer to its members?




Q2: Do the Capitol Issues’ reports

keep you informed during the General Assembly sessions?Yes, No

Q3: Would you like to see additional

information included in the reports?



Q4: Would you be interested in

accessing Capitol Issues in a more timely manner through the VASSP Web site? Yes, No.

Q5: Do you visit the legislative WEB

site to read more about individual bills?  Yes, No.

Q6: Do you feel comfortable

contacting your local legislators and including them in school events?Yes, No

Q7: How can the VASSP Director of

Government Relations assist you in involving legislators in school activities?




Q8: Is the VASSP office helpful

with your questions and concerns about the legislative process, individual

legislation and action during the General Assembly sessions?

Yes, No–If no, why not?



Q9: Do you believe it is important

for principals to be actively involved in the legislative process? Yes, No

Q10: How do you plan to become more

involved with this process during the year and during legislative sessions?



Q11: Would you be interested in

attending legislative seminars concerning the significance of new legislation

and how it will affect the operation of your school? Yes, No



Q12: Other comments?






February 10, 2012