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Rules of the Road

  1. Call/refer early, even when the situation is not clear.  Early professional advice can save time, money and careers.
  2. Don’t assume the central office or superintendent understands the good work you do.
  3. Develop your own public relations plan for different audiences (i.e., parents, teachers, staff).
  4. Prepare highlights/accomplishments to send to your supervisor as part of the evaluation process.
  5. If inaccurate information is included in letters or evaluations, respond with a letter that “gives the facts.”
  6. Use climate surveys to your advantage!  Run your own survey every two or three years using broad-based survey or accreditation instruments.
  7. If there are legitimate performance/evaluation concerns, address them with specific improvement plans.
  8. Keep notes/timeline on school division meetings and actions that impact your career.
  9. If you are not feeling good about the job or your performance, consider the alternatives.
  10. Keep your professional files current.