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Legal Services

There may come a time in your career when you need professional advice or legal counsel because of a job-relation action. Members of the Virginia Association of Secondary School Principals can obtain professional advice or helping obtaining legal services by calling the association office at 800.249.8001.

A VASSP staff member will respond promptly in a confidential manner. These services are provided by VASSP under the guidelines and limits established by the VASSP Board. These services are coordinated by the executive director and the Professional Responsibilities and Rights (PR&R) Committee, a group of members who annually and anonymously review cases.

VASSP provides professional and legal assistance based on the following schedule:

Level 1: Staff Consultation-VASSP executive staff members provide confidential, professional consultation at no charge to members.

Level 2: Initial Attorney Consultation-The executive director may authorize up to $500 for an initial consultation between a member and an attorney designated by VASSP. Financial support for consultation with an attorney personally selected by members is only available with prior approval of the VASSP Executive Director. VASSP will not reimburse an attorney for services rendered prior to approval.

Level 3: Legal Fee Reimbursement Programs-When a member’s position or benefits are threatened or there is the prospect of civil liability from a job-=related action, VASSP will assist members in submitting the appropriate application forms for legal services and benefits to NASSP. Through national association affiliate membership, financial support is available to active members for reimbursement of attorney fees, following a $500 deductible, up to the program limit ($10,000) depending on years of continuous membership. An initial $500 payment for VASSP to an attorney satisfies the required deductible for the national legal fee reimbursement programs.

Level 4: Ongoing Case Support-VASSP executive staff remain available for personalized professional counsel to members as needed for analysis of written and verbal communications, review and recommendations for improvement plans and mediation with the parties involved.

Level 5: Exceptional Case Support-Exceptional cases impacting all principals/assistant principals may be eligible for additional legal fee reimbursement beyond the member’s national association coverage after all other options have been explored. Members may request a hearing by the PR&R Committee for special consideration of exceptional case support.