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VASSP is a unified affiliate of the National Association of Secondary School Principals. There are four classifications of membership, which include:

  • Professional Membership  Available to practicing secondary school administrators or supervisors; persons having supervision of educational personnel as a major responsibility; persons serving in an administrative position in a regional, state, or national educational agency or association, college or university; teachers preparing others for a professional career in education; and members not currently employed in the field of education but who are receiving compensation from the Virginia Retirement System.
  • Special Membership – Includes Honorary Life Membership, awarded by the VASSP Board of Directors to persons who make outstanding contributions to education, and Complimentary Membership, granted to Association staff upon appointment.
  • Associate Membership – Available to individuals not eligible for professional or special membership, including members reassigned to classroom or other duties, outside administration/supervision; individuals meeting certification requirements for membership but who have not yet been employed in a position qualifying them for professional membership; and individuals who are graduate students verified as being enrolled in programs of educational administration leading to administrative certification in an accredited higher education institution.
  • School Service Membership – Available to those companies or corporations involved in the field of education.

Membership in VASSP consists of the following categories:

  • VASSP/NASSP Unified Individual Membership – $617
    Grants a single membership in the name of an individual, and includes a single set of publications from state and national.
  • VASSP/NASSP Institutional Membership – $617
    Provides one complete membership to the person named, and also provides a second set of publications mailed to the school library or institution. Institutional membership does not give benefits of membership to more than one person.
  • VASSP/NASSP Retired Membership – $89
    Open to previous active members who have retired and no longer hold an administrative position. This membership is non-transferable.

VASSP offers the following five convenient methods of membership payment: Full Payment with school or personal check, Installment Plan, Credit Card, Personalized Plan, or Payroll Deduction.